Architecture concept

With the W 19 K34 Inside-Outside, a modern, multifaceted residential complex is being created in the middle of the vibrant metropolis, between the southern Tiergarten, Bahnhof Zoo, Kurfürstendamm and Wittenbergplatz.


In addition to the new building – here to fill the gap – it includes an existing building from the 1970s that is to be renovated.


W19 and K34 form a striking ensemble through their common modern language. The “shell” of the building is staged by the choice of materials concrete/glass/stone, combined with openings and projections to form a sculpture.

The two houses are based on the scale of modern metropolitan architecture and formulate an independent new corner situation.

Individual buildings are given an individual appearance, whereby all are harmoniously coordinated with each other.


Embedded in historic buildings, some of which are protected as historical monuments, an outstanding dialogue between modernity and monument is created. With a range of two to seven-room apartments, the new quarter will meet all different living needs.

In addition to classic floor plans, individual and modern living solutions are offered. In addition, each apartment will have a spacious outdoor area that is designed as an outdoor living space.

Architects: sn-p architektur und projekt gmbh