Our philosophy

Our approach is the conviction that our environment can influence our quality of life in a positive sense.

This drives us to realize qualitatively, materially and spiritually demanding architecture and to make the realization with our property development company 100% possible.

Each of our projects is the result of a variety of responses to the existing urban planning context, the specific use and the social environment. Working out the “genius loci” anchors the building firmly in its surroundings and makes it part of the temporal development of the place.

This often makes the building outstanding in terms of innovation and form.

Our design process for floor plans allows the client to be involved in the development. In our projects we work with skeleton constructions from the object construction sector, which opens up all possibilities for the interior concept and floor plan design.


Un-mistakable, tailor-made floor plan solutions create a high quality of use and identification with the living situation as a whole.

The entrance situations are particularly important to us here as a spiritual introduction to the private sphere and open spaces, as a place of relaxation and inspiration.

How it began

  • We have been building houses in different constellations and with different uses for 30 years.
  • The Inside Outside GmbH und Co KG, as an association of property developer and architect’s office, has existed since 2014.
  • We have bundled all our experience from real estate trading, shell construction, property developers and architectural offices here.

What distinguishes us

Developers in combination with architectural services

Inside Outside GmbH offers property development services combined with architectural services.

The analysis of customer requirements is a complex issue. We support our clients in the selection of the location; selection of the suitable floor plan; determination of relevant equipment options and assistance in all architectural questions.

Project development

Due to our experience in the management of large construction projects, we develop all our projects from the beginning and in all planning stages in our own network.

This usually begins with the urban development feasibility study and extends to changes in the development plan with all the exemptions. For these reasons, we create projects with a high recognition value.

Floor plan planning

A successful project requires careful building and spatial planning. We consider detailed observations and analyses to be essential. We are familiar with top-class demands and complex organisational specifications. Through comprehensive consulting, functions and rooms are tailored to the special requirements of each customer.

Cost advice

Traditional practice in Germany requires property developers to provide comprehensive advisory services on financing.

We are happy to offer support in the valuation of properties through our excellent contacts.


Some of our clients appreciate the advantages of the combination of property developer in the classical sense and architectural office.

The contractual partner thus ensures that the unique requirements of the customer’s wishes are fully integrated architecturally and technically.

This quality, everything from one source, has been our recipe for success for many years

More than 30 years of experience in the construction industry ensure that what is offered is reliably implemented at a high level with long-standing experts.