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We are your contact for apartments and exclusive luxury flats in Berlin. You can buy the desired luxury apartments in Berlin with us or rent an impressive penthouse. With our high-level properties we support you in all aspects of buying property in the best locations and offer you the perfect combination of architecture and aesthetics. Due to the location in the centre of Berlin, there are numerous restaurants and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity of the condominium. So you can enjoy great rooftop views and have a great time in the capital.

Insideoutside is concept and attitude to life.

Available apartments

Apartment 22




75,87 m²


758.000 €

Apartment 21




172.08 m²


1.890.000 €

Apartment 23




155,40 m²


1.692.500 €

Apartment 24




207,60 m²


2.270.000 €

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To enable you to make your choice of property and materials comfortably and safely, we have put together a pre-selection in our spacious showroom to suit the architecture.

The guiding principle for the materials and surfaces is timeless elegance. We favor the use of timeless materials and place clear and classic design in the foreground.

Gardens and courtyards

The theme garden in the courtyard, laid out with grasses and bamboo, is only accessible to the residents of the building ensembles. Here you can relax on inviting seating elements or live in community.

About Inside Outside

  • We have been building houses in different constellations and with different uses for 30 years.
  • The Inside Outside GmbH und Co KG, as an association of property developer and architect’s office, has existed since 2014.
  • We have bundled all our experience from real estate trading, shell construction, property developers and architectural offices here.

Architecture concept

Each of our projects is the result of a variety of responses to the existing urban planning context, the specific use and the social environment. Working out the “genius loci” anchors the building firmly in its surroundings and makes it part of the temporal development of the place.

This often makes the building outstanding in terms of innovation and form.

Our object partners

We always work in an interdisciplinary team for all construction tasks.

This is our recipe for developing holistic architectural solutions. These specialist disciplines are above all daily work planning, building physics, energy technology, technical equipment and acoustics.


Small contribution, big effect! Plan gives children a chance and we support them with sponsorships.



Tiergarten / Berlin Mitte

Elisabethkirchstraße 13

Wichmannstraße 19

Strelitzerstraße 72

Melanchthonstraße 17-18

Melanchthonstraße 16


What could be better than sitting over the rooftops of the city and enjoying a cocktail from your own bar as the sun goes down? With our luxury apartments in the centre of Berlin we make your dreams come true and show you what this very special city has to offer. For this purpose, apartments and penthouses in the best locations await you so that you can feel and experience life in the big city anew every day.

With our luxury properties in Berlin you can expect much more than just a standardised building. Each apartment has been individually designed and offers the highest level of quality and comfort. This is not only evident from the exterior quality, but is especially evident from the cut of the rooms. Only rarely is a condominium so spacious and yet comfortable that you can feel the charm and aesthetics of the big city within your own walls.

In this respect, you can expect exclusive apartments from us, which are adapted to your needs down to the last detail and meet the latest requirements. We take care of the entire process, both in terms of building law and technology, so that nothing stands in the way of a quick move-in. If you wish, our luxury properties in Berlin can also be used as second homes, allowing you to have a great time in the capital exactly as you need it.

The entire class of the property is also evident from the furnishings. All around our high-level properties right in the centre of the city you will find the perfect interior design, so that you no longer have to do without the luxury you desire. With our properties in Berlin, an impressive effect awaits you with every square metre, which means that the luxury apartments as a whole are convincing. If you are looking for a versatile and professional loft apartment, you will certainly like our diverse offers.


The enormous added value of our properties is further enhanced by numerous details such as the fully laid wooden parquet floor. The underfloor heating is also present in the entire living area, which, in combination with modern heating technology, allows the desired temperature to be achieved at the touch of a button. The same applies to the windows in the apartment. These have excellent thermal insulation glazing and warming window frames, which is an important factor for the quality of luxury properties, especially in the cold months.


Depending on requirements, suitable parking spaces in the underground car park can also be rented or purchased in connection with the property. This is directly connected to your new luxury apartment, so you can easily reach the apartment by elevator. Thanks to the excellent house and room planning, the concept of the implementation works on all levels and offers you additional comfort for your daily tasks and duties.

In addition to the efficient heating systems, the modernity of the facility is also reflected in the distinctive safety concept. This applies to the garage as well as to your own apartment, which means that you can always enjoy a feeling of relaxation and privacy when buying the right luxury apartments in Berlin. Even if you are right in the heart of the city, you can sit back and relax on the terrace or in the apartment and enjoy the impressive view.


Since we strive for perfection with each of our luxury apartments in Berlin, not only the micro location plays an important role. The holistic view of the surroundings is also important to us, which is why we consider our locations for new construction projects down to the last detail and discuss them with our clients. In this way we adapt to the existing urban planning and make Berlin a little bit more beautiful with every new luxury property.

So we have made it our mission to make luxury a true commodity of everyday life and to offer you more than just classic living. Our goal is your satisfaction, which is why we are at your side all around the purchase of your new luxury real estate as a seller, but also as a broker and agent. Thus the apartments meet all requirements and offer enough space for the most beautiful impressions of the capital. Each of our apartments contains the highest level of quality in this respect and therefore stands for impressive workmanship.


In this respect, we provide you with a reliable statement on the size and layout of the rooms for each property. This allows you to plan in advance how you would like to live in your new luxury apartment or where details still need to be changed. Our properties thrive on the most modern exterior and interior design, which means that we do justice to the concept of modernity in every respect with custom-fit living solutions.

Berlin is a special place for us at this point. No other city offers a comparable variety and stands for the combination of comfort, freedom and class. This is evident not only in the many beautiful locations such as the nearby Kurfürstendamm or the Reichstag, but also in the combination of numerous modern and old buildings. Thus, the metropolis with more than 3.7 million inhabitants, shows at every point what is important in a diverse and modern city that offers the perfect solution for every requirement.


This is exactly what we want to meet with our properties. A penthouse directly at the KaDeWe or a luxury apartment close to the water is a big dream for many people, which can be realised with our properties. Our apartments are always located at the cultural hotspots of the region, so that you are not far from the theatre or the Berlin opera. The infrastructure around the apartments also adapts perfectly to your needs and allows you to remain flexible in every respect.


For us, Berlin is for this reason an expression of freedom, which can be felt from sitting comfortably on the couch to the view from the terrace over the many roofs of the city. Real estate is also such a feeling of freedom for us, which we would like to give you in connection with this very special city. It has never been easier to combine innovation, culture and aesthetics and enjoy a fulfilled everyday life.

You are welcome to take a look at our portfolio and convince yourself of our luxury apartments in Berlin. With every single property we offer you a great location in the heart of the German capital, which helps us to support you in your search for the perfect place to live for your future. Each of our apartments is special in this respect, making you yourself a part of this impressive environment. Therefore, we also make your dreams come true and show you what really shapes true living.